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Salai Construction

Completed project

Internal Project

  1. Construction of MD’s conference room & turmeric mill.
  2. Construction of Pharmacy at Tera Keithel.
  3. Construction of Godown-I at Tera Loukrakpam leikai.
  4. Construction of Salai Energy Solution Show-Room & Shop at Nambol.
  5. Construction of Rice and Flour Mill (Now Spices Mill) at Samushang.
  6. Construction of Salai Iron & Steel Industries (Now Salai Craft) at Takyel Industrial estate road.
  7. Construction of Rice Mill Shed at Lairenkabi.
  8. Construction of Warehouse at Moreh.
  9. Construction of Old Mushroom farm Sheds, Office and Security barrack at Lairenkabi.
  10. Construction of Smart Universial Academy Building at Sekmaijin.
  11. Construction of Salai Mart office & godown at Lamboikhongnangkhong.
  12. Construction of Agri Consortium farm Shed at Phayeng.
  13. Construction of Godown-II (now Medicos Godown) at Tera Akham Leikai.
  14. 14.   Construction of Salai Mart at Sekmaijin.
  15. Construction of carbonization plant (Machine shed, Finished product shed, Common toilet & Entrance gate) at Thinungei.
  16. Construction of Emu farm shed, Office building & Guest house at Sanjenbam.
  17. Construction of Shitake laboratory shed at Lairenkabi.
  18. Construction of Sawdust Mill Shed at Lairenkabi.
  19. Construction of Finished product shed for Sawdust at lairenkabi.
  20. Construction of NEIDP Office at Tera.

External Projects

  1. Construction of Niken’s residence at Tera Loukrakpam Leikai.
  2. Extension and renovation of Dr. Saheekumar’s residence at Heirangoithong

SALAI Hardware and Electrical Store.

Hardware and electrical products are easily available at SALAI hardware and electrical store so that the SALAI construction team need not depend on other contractors. As a result SALAI construction is now self-sufficient and independent on their own thereby giving customers’ satisfaction.

SALAI Dalmia Cement Store.

Salai Dalmia Cement Store, located at Sagolband Tera Loukrakpam Leikai, Imphal 795001 deals in all retail works of Dalmia cement. Being a dealer, we retail Dalmia cement to the localities and other construction works at reasonable rates. We also deals with factory requirements, interdepartmental works and other projects. We are the planner of better company for better future.